CSUF i3 Competition Results are in!

It was stiff competition this year with over 300 entries,
and only enough room for 50-60 pieces in our gallery space.
Our juror was Brett Helquist, the illustrator of the popular
“Series of Unfortunate Events” books.
He has chosen 58 pieces from 39 illustrators.

Check out our online gallery:

Congratulations to all!
Don’t miss our opening on Monday, March 2 from 6-9 pm,
At 7:00 we will announce the winners of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards!

Kelsey Barr
Morgan Bell
Juan Bugarin
Amanda Carrigan
Matthew Cartwright
Gigi Chang
Tina Yun Ting Chen
Michael Chiou
Dimas DeLeon
Annie Dills
Michi Doan
Riana Dorsey
Kyla Friedrichsmeyer
Amber Harris
Michelle Hiraishi
Tara Johnson
Ninella Keshesh
Christine Kim
Nadia Kim
Heather Le
Thomas Litten
Meng Meng Liu
Katelyn Lizardi
Kristine Macasieb
Natalie May
Katie Melrose
Purity Milhouse
Caitlin Mulvihill
Rebecca Murphy
Chris Murrell
Eric Omega
Jessica Ramos
Sophia Shimamura
Andrea Shulenberger
Kelsey Suan
Ash Thompson
Ty Tominaga
Thanh An Truong
Angela Truzinski