• (L to R) Nadia, Hala, Tara, Meng Meng

    (L to R) Nadia, Hala, Tara, Meng Meng

  • Gold and Silver Winners

    Gold and Silver Winners

  • Bronze Winner

    Bronze Winner

  • Brett Helquist Art Display Case

    Brett Helquist Art Display Case

CSUF i3 Opening Reception

The opening of our 3rd Annual Illustration Competition was a great success!
I had the privilege of announcing the winners. Brett Helquist provided me with
statements to read to each of the winners. It was fun to hear why he chose their work
and what drew him to each piece.

Nadia Kim won Gold for her digital piece “Floating Fishes.”
Tara Johnson won Silver for her digital illustration “Conflict in the Market.”
Meng Meng Liu won Bronze for her comic “Little Red Riding Hood.”

We dedicated one display case to Brett featuring his illustrations and books.
Thanks again Brett for jurying our show! Your influence has encouraged our students!

*Exciting news: The Titan Student Union Art Acquisition committee is interested in purchasing 5 pieces from this show! Updates to come….